How to exhibit

Application for H.C.R. 2019 is closed because the exhibition space has been contracted in full.
Thank you for your interest.

Participation Fee and specifications:

a. Basic booth: 324,000 yen per booth (including tax)

[Booth Specification]
  • Basic booth is installed by the organizers, using system wall panels in a unified manner.
  • 1 basic booth (9sqm): 3.0m (width) x 3.0m (depth) x 2.7m (height)
    [inside dimensions: 2,930mm (w) x 2,930mm (d) x 2,700mm (h)]
  • The above fee includes floor space, basic booth installation cost, one company name board in the organizers' specified format, LED light installation cost (40W × 2, including electricity charge). Carpet is not included.
[Booth Style]
  • Linear booth: side by side, a maximum of 5 booths
    No side panels will be installed on the aisle side of a corner booth.
  • Peninsula booth: three sides adjacent to the aisle, 2x2 booths (4 booth units) or 2x3 booths (6 booths units) may be requested regardless of single or joint participation. The terms and conditions for basic booth decoration shall apply.) A system wall panel of 6 m(width) x 2.7m (height) is to be installed by the organizers on the remaining side adjacent to another company's booth.
  • Height limit for decorations: 3.6 m

b. Island booth: 313,200 yen per booth (including tax)

[Booth Specification]
  • An island booth is one with aisles on all four sides, to be delivered as a vacant booth (space only)
  • minimum of 6 booths up to 100 booths (1 booth (9sqm): 3.0m (width) x 3.0m (depth), 6 m height limit for decorations)
  • The one-side length is 6m or more in 3 m increments per unit. Request on depth size is not granted.

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